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DSCN3423---Kimball-fixArriving at our vacation rental in the beautiful Green Hills area of Nashville on a crisp October evening, it was clear that in addition to finding comfortable accommodations we’d stumbled into a treasure trove of memories.

In a large bookcase spanning the entire wall were dozens of scrap books, several very old, looking like they should be under glass in a historical society or museum. In the dining room, a stunning almost life-size gilt-edged portrait of a young woman hung on the wall. Wearing a beautiful red dress and elegant corsage, she was young, dark-haired and beautiful, and apparently from a family with the means to immortalize her on canvas. I immediately wanted to know more about her.

I found out Read the Post Unraveling the mystery of a woman in red … Jeanne Bachrach Kimball’s legacy shines brightly in Music City

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As a legacy writer I’m passionate about helping people share their stories.  I hope this blog inspires you to start writing.  About yourself or perhaps a loved one … a journal, a chapter, even a page.  Because the memories we capture are the greatest treasure we can give ourselves and the next generation.  Put on a pot of coffee, sit down and have a conversation with your mom, dad, grandma or grandpa about their life journey.  You’ll be amazed  Read the Post Every life has a story to tell

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Another Mother’sUSEshutterstock_72347347[1]Mom&daughter Day is upon us.  No matter how much we love our mothers or look forward to celebrating the day, a perennial worry sprouts like the first daffodils of spring:  what to get Mom?  And even though she says she doesn’t want anything and is happy with a visit or call, a slender thread of guilt prompts us to start The Search.

True, some people are born with a genetic disposition for buying the perfect gift … but most of us aren’t so lucky.  We’re doomed to repeat the trek to the mall, wandering around the pricey perfume counters like nomads in a retail jungle or we venture off to Barnes & Noble, where, with a latte in hand, we peruse countless books, rejecting one after another unsure of mom’s literary predilections … will she really like it?  Few things pass the test, because the truth of the matter is Read the Post The best present you’ll ever get Mom